May Member of the Month – Steve de Roos

Give it up for our May, Member of the Month, Steve de Roos.


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CFFB: What’s your greatest strength in CrossFit?

SdR: Thrusters & dead lifts.

CFFB: What’s your kryptonite?

SdR: Rope climbing.

CFFB: If you could design the perfect workout for yourself that would it be?

SdR: Something consisting of thrusters, box jumps, rowing, deadlifts, skipping, wall crawl, plank, sit ups, pushups & kettle swing (these are my favourite).

CFFB: Which animal best represents you?

SdR: A Human lol. I don’t know, my fiancee says a Monkey!!!

CFFB: Advice to anyone wanting to start CrossFit?

SdR: It’s life changing, best trainers monitoring your performance. It is fun and there is a great community going there.


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