United We Stand 2017 Victory for Crossfit False Bay

Crossfit False Bay competition training:

Around this time last year we decided that it was time to add a competitive edge to the box. Head coach Nico Van Der Wald has always had a competitive program which was open to members who wanted to further their CrossFit abilities. The program was followed by a few members but nothing was taken too seriously. We cruised through competitions, showing good promise and great team spirit but we still remained very far from the podium.

After years of just competing we decided that it was time to set a goal, it was time to put us on the Crossfit map and get our names out there, not only for our team spirit but also for our athletic capabilities.  The goal was to send a team to the Meridian Regional and even though we have slowly moved our way up the ranks, edging closer to the top 10 spots, we knew we needed to make a change to the program. We needed people who wanted this badly!

Last year, we pitched the idea of a dedicated competitive program to some already dedicated and hard working members. We were thrilled at the level of enthusiasm and willingness of our members as we knew that the road was going to be long, hard and would require many sacrifices.  It has been a year of training together at 5am on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturday mornings and the progress has exceeded our expectations. We have had athletes come and go, we have had tears and quarrels but most of all we have built a family, a foundation! Currently we sit with 15 capable, committed and very inspirational members to the team.

We are not perfect.  We struggle with Muscle ups, Handstand walks and Snatches etc.  We don’t always feel like training.


We do work hard, we do train harder and we stick together.


United We Stand is one of the countries biggest Crossfit team competitions. The three day long competition starts with a challenging endurance event which is followed by two days of pure CrossFit. Last year our “first” team finished 6th overall out of 120 teams. This year we sent two teams, both teams excelled over the weekend. Our second team, the Sharks, placed 48th out of 106 teams and our first team, the Makos, took FIRST place! After crushing the 8km trail and obstacle  run, our team fought two amazing boxes, Crossfit Alberton and Cape Crossfit, for the top position.

Walking away from the weekend, reflecting on how our athletes conducted themselves brings so many emotions to the surface. We are different people, with very busy lives but we have come together and built this close knit team. We have made friends, and become partners who support and carry each other through events. Team competitions are all about building each other up. They are about understanding each others’ weaknesses and working together to build strength from them. This weekend demonstrated what people can do if they pull together, if they understand each other and if they back each other. I couldn’t be more proud of a group of people in my entire life. We are privileged to have such a fantastic group of people who train together.

Finally, the support, to everyone who followed the weekend and who has supported us along our journey, I can assure you this is only the beginning. IMG_9146

We cannot forget a big shout out to the United We Stand event staff. Andy, your team out did themselves over the weekend, so thank you. We look forward to next year, it is the one competition I encourage as many members to take part in as it is fun and testing. I look forward to the years to come.

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  1. andy

    Thanks guys. Outstanding performance over the weekend. Its incredible to watch you and other teams perform so well at these events.



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