Transformation Testimonial

This post is about change. Today we celebrate the journey of one of our very dedicated members, Rick Volker. If you are ever thinking about joining Crossfit or any sort of fitness regime here is a testimony of what consistency and hard work looks like.


“On the left is me at 132kg, before CrossFit. Like a lot of men in their Forties, I was slowly getting heavier and less fit with every passing year. My watershed moment was when I tried to paddle out at a local surf break and couldn’t get to backline! I realised that If I didn’t start making better lifestyle choices I was going miss out on doing the things I loved. CrossFit False Bay was one of those choices, nearly 2 years ago. Now, on the right I’m standing on the podium after winning a paddle board race at 112kg. Three weeks ago I placed 2nd in the Masters division of a SUP wave riding contest. So my takeaway is this: Whether or not you see and feel progress day to day or after each workout, you are getting fitter, stronger and in my case lighter! Get in the gym and let the coaches and the awesome vibe pull you along on a journey you wont regret!!”

We are incredibly proud and continuously motivated by Ricks and our many other members progress. If you want to see a 112kg man do chest to bar pull ups and handstand walks ask Rick what time he hits the gym ;).



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