About the Coach

banner-02After completing my degree in sport science in 2008 I have been in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer, CrossFit coach and for the past 3 years the strength and conditioning coach at False Bay rugby club.
I enjoy working with the people/ athletes participating or competing various different sporting codes from a strength and conditioning perspective and not coaching a specific sporting code. I work with the current coach(s). The Coach would look after the athletes from a technical and sport specific perspective while I would purely look after the players strength & conditioning.
If people learn to move correctly and efficiently by following a well-structured and supervised program, they would be able to avoid overuse injuries and enjoy their sporting/ active lifestyle career for longer and hopefully perform better and get more enjoyment from it.
My role is to make sure that the people are fit enough, strong enough and mobile enough to enjoy and perform well at their sporting codes. My vision is that my services would not be limited to just one specific team but rather with as many people as possible across as many sporting codes that the community requires.
Consistency is key, so the more I get to work with a person, no matter what their current fitness level or sport they are doing or not doing yet, the better it would be for their development.
I look forward to meeting with you to help improve your lifestyle and make you the best version of you that you can be.





2017-03-10-PHOTO-00000238Being a slightly older rugby player, like some of my team mates, we have been conditioning for more years than I have fingers and most of my toes combined. It tends to get a bit monotonous year after year. The conditioning that we do only has one major objective and that is to enable us to compete on a Saturday in the Western Province Super A League. Over the past three seasons Nico and his team at CrossfitFalseBay have taken us to a level where our conditioning alone can win us games, and as a bonus we actually have a lot of fun doing it!

Every session that we do is slightly varied and the combination of strength, running, rowing, jumping, pushing, pulling and some other weird and wonderful movements has taught us over time that we can push way beyond what we thought was even possible. Nico and his team are always well prepared for us and their facility is well stocked with equipment and packs a positive vibe.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and since we have been conditioning at CrossFitFalseBay we have finished 4th, 2nd and 1st in the Super A League and 2nd in the National Gold Cup.

Thanks Nico and your team at CrossFitFalseBay

Justin van Winkel


“…there are no words to describe the benefits from the training that we have received from Nico…..the conditioning that I have received from Nico is one of the best if not the best”

Wesley Chetty


“…The individuals bodies have transformed, their flexibility has improved, their posture has improved and most importantly their engines and capacity to do work has improved.”

Coach Jono van der Walt